1. A defense that simply cannot get off the field without a sack or well-timed turnover.
    1. Soft Coverage all the time, even on critical 3rd downs.
    2. Can't stop the run - the Colts ran the ball 8 straight times to open the 3rd quarter.
    3. Blown coverages and mismatches - Preston Smith was covering a tight end near the goal line on one play(!)
  2. An offense, led by an MVP QB, that completely stalls for an extended period of time in-game.
    1. The entire offense disappeared for the entire 3rd quarter - it was extremely frustrating to watch.  They had two 3-and-outs in basically 17 minutes of play into the early 4th quarter.
  3. Worthless special teams play
    1. JK Scott sucks
    2. The kick/punt return units suck
    3. Everything sucks...except Mason Crosby is having a great season.


  • Jeremy: 23-17 Packers
  • Andy: 27-20 Packers
  • Elliot 28-20 Packers
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