Game flow was very weird to start - the Packers defense looked like their usual self and gave up 2 TDs on the first two drives.  Rodgers and the offense kept up for a bit, then the damn broke and a Packers victory was basically sealed when Packers CB Chandon Sullivan had a pick six at the Detroit goal line early in the 3rd quarter.


  • Matt Patricia looks like a human nesting doll on the sidelines.
  • Andy quickly sent a Slack message "miss it you asshole" a second before the lions kicker missed his kick to close out the first half...a new tradition was born.
    • Offense started off well and actually went for a fourth-and-long on the first drive where Rodgers threaded the needle to Allan Lazard.
    • The offense through 2 games looks pretty good - spreading the ball around to a lot of different folks and showing a lot of pre-snap motion.
    • MVS had an overall solid start to the game but got crunched by a safety on an incompletion late in the 2nd quarter.
    • Jace Sternberger had two awful drops in this game...he's had a terrible start to his 2nd season.
    • The defense, collectively, is a big, big problem this year already only 2 weeks in to the season.
    • The Packers simply do not have the collective horses on defense to get things done so Pettine MUST do some scheming, which he simply has not done. He plays so much zone's as if he doesn't trust his own players (maybe he doesn't?)
    • Defense allowed a wide open 29 yard passing gain on the 3rd play of the game. Yuck.
    • The first big stop of the game for the defense came on 3rd and 25(!)
    • The loss of Kenny Clark will loom large if he is out more than one week.
    • Rashan Gary flashed in the late 3rd/4th Quarter - Packers look to still be easing him in but he is improving and he is quick.
    • Not much to report here other than this unit has been very solid to start the year.
    • JK Scott punted very well today, and Mason Crosby kicked a couple field goals without issue.


  • Andy: 30-24 Packers
  • Jeremy: (is Michael Thomas Playing?)
    • Yes: 37-30 Saints
    • No: 27-23 Packers
  • Elliot: 27-24 Saints
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