• The Packers moved to 10-3 (can you believe it?!) after narrowly beating the hapless Washington Redskins 20-15 at Lambeau Field.
  • Andy attended this snoozefest (errr game) at Lambeau Field.
  • The weather was beautiful for this time of year...The game was a mess in terms of the Packers' offense.  Yikes.
  • It's pretty amazing that this team is 10-3...I (Andy) picked them to be 8-8 at best - the fact that they have 10 wins with 3 games left in the season is astounding, in a good way!
  • The offense has morphed into a Frankenstein version of the old late-term McCarthy offense with some things sprinkled in with Aaron Jones...more often than not the offense has looked completely out of sorts.
  • The 800 lb gorilla in the room is the play of Aaron Rodgers - we can't really tell where his sub-par play ends or begins, but Rodgers hasn't been playing well for at least a month.
  • Rodgers missed a streaking Jimmy "Ed West" Graham (lol) on a throw that would have been a TD. He also missed a wide open Aaron Jones on a wheel route later in the game.  He refuses to take the short dump off passes...it's becoming a big concern.
  • Geronimo Allison is not long for this team - he has been a major disappointment this season.  He's been worse than pedestrian this year.
  • The defense actually did it's job this week...they weren't lights out but they more than held their own.
  • The special teams kick/punt return game FINALLY woke up...they are back to positive yardage for the season!
  • JK Scott punted well for the 2nd straight game...Mason Crosby continues to kick at a pro-bowl level as well.

Packers vs. Bears Predictions:

Jeremy: 19-16
Andy: 17-14
Elliot: 17-10

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