• X’s & O’s

    • Death, taxes & opening touchdowns surrendered by the Packers’ defense: The Cowboys marched down the field to open the game and scored a TD against the Packers defense.  Lather, rinse & repeat. ????

      • HHCD has not had a good start to the season - he was voted to the pro bowl last year but he has been average (at best) this year.

      • The Packers have real problems at Cornerback - Kevin King, a rookie, is their best cover guy and he got hurt.  ALL CBs behind him have huge flaws of some sort.

    • Aaron Jones looks twice as good as Ty Montgomery right now.  He’s faster, quicker and just looks more like a real RB.  Ty Montgomery should NOT be the starter anymore after Jone’s performance

    • The patchwork offensive line played ok, and that’s all they really needed to do

    • Special Teams was a dumpster fire - Mason Crosby missed TWO EXTRA POINTS(!)

    • The defense failed AGAIN when the team needed them most - giving up a 9 minute drive, letting Zeke Elliot run all over them late in the 4th quarter to allow the Cowboys to take the lead.

    • The winning drive + TD pass by Aaron Rodgers is the stuff that makes a HOF career - that was a brilliant drive.

    • Aaron Rodgers played a superb game - he owns the Cowboys for the most part

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