• The Bengals starting offense hadn’t scored an offensive touchdown in their first 2 games so OF COURSE they scored an easy TD on their first possession to start the game against the Packers defense.

    • Kevin King had his lumps against AJ Green, but Green is a top 5 WR in the league and King is a rookie CB - he passed his first test.

    • Aaron Rodgers turned the ball over 2 times again...so uncharacteristic, especially at home

    • The Packers offense, to include obviously Aaron Rodgers, played GREAT in the 2nd half comeback win.

    • Get this: the overtime win was the FIRST of Aaron Rodgers CAREER as a starting QB(!) he had been 0-7.  His win over the bengals also meant that he has beaten every team in the league in his career.

  • X’s & O’s (PACKERS VS. BEARS)

    • The Packers’ offensive line was down to their 3rd string tackles...unreal amount of injuries to one position this early in the year!

    • With that said, the patchwork offensive line played great

    • Aaron Jones (3rd string RB) looked great in what little we saw - he looked like he was shot out of a cannon when he came out of the backfield.

    • 5 more injuries occurred during the game:

      • Ty Montgomery (ribs)

      • Joe Thomas ILB (ankle)

      • Martinez ILB (possible concussion, came back in game)

      • Jamal Williams RB (knee)

      • Davante Adams (Decapitated!) - The fact that Danny Trevathan wasn’t ejected was stunning - that hit on Adams was lethal and could have ended Adam’s career.

  • Also: the Bears are TERRIBLE

  • Outside of Football stuff:

    • League wide anthem protests (kneeling, locking arms, etc of players and owners) - general discussion

    • Trump fanning the flames by tweeting ridiculous comments about players who kneel

    • Owners locking arms with players due to Trump’s comments (looks like branding/posturing and nothing more by the owners)    

    • Cover of sports illustrated magazine not received well

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