• X’s & O’s

    • The Packers were overmatched even before this game started - It was announced that BOTH offensive Tackles would be inactive due to injuries - this was NOT GOOD(!)

    • The defense was an abomination on a nationally televised game, again.

    • Losing Mike Daniels early in the game proved to be very costly, but it was not the primary reason for the defeat - the secondary of this packers team was exposed (again) as a fraud - poor safety play and atrocious CB play.

    • Both Demarious Randall and Quentin Rollins are not starting caliber players in the NFL - in fact they may be fringe back-up CBs at this point in their careers.

    • This packers defense was supposed to be faster, but they were anything but - the talent gap between these two teams on the defensive side is CANYON wide - they have no decent cornerbacks at the moment.

    • Jordy Nelson was lost for the game in the first offensive possession due to a “quad” injury(?) Randall Cobb was lost in the 2nd half with a shoulder injury and did not return.  This greatly hurt the offensive gameplan no doubt

    • The early returns on Martellus Bennett are not good so far - he played very poorly and had 4 dropped passes by himself.  He appears slow footed as well.

    • Aaron Rodgers played poorly - I really don’t care what the apologists say.  The interception was Favre-esque and the fumble / lateral “pass” play was on Rodgers - that was a designed hot route play.  He was supposed to take the snap and throw it immediately.  He did anything but(!)

    • Ty Montgomery was the lone bright spot for the packers on offense, Kevin King was the only bright spot on the packers’ defense.

      • It has become a recurring theme since the super bowl victory 6 years ago that Mike McCarthy coached teams can barely compete when facing good-to-very good teams on the road, especially on prime time tv.

      • This packers team collectively lacks speed - the WRs/TEs and RBs are all average at best in terms of speed - they have no true “burner” on either side of the ball.

      • It’s safe to say that the defense’s dominating performance against the seahawks was a mirage - Seattle barely won against a very poor 49ers team. (Seattle scored only 12 points).

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