Packers released their financials the other day, highlights include:

  •  Profit from operations fell from $34 million a year ago to just $724,000 for the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 2019, a decline of 98%. While revenues increased a healthy $23 million (5%), expenses grew at a substantially greater rate.
  •  An increase of more than $56 million in expenses (13%) was due mainly to three factors – significant player contracts, the overhaul of the coaching staff, and the teamʼs obligations to the concussion liability reserve, which funds the legal settlement being drawn upon by former players.
  •  Total revenues reached $477.9 million, with total expenses at $477.2 million.

Davante Adams - is he a true, elite WR or did Rodgers make him?

Lots of talk about the Packers having the best pass-blocking Offensive line in the league, with DBhak being the best LT in the league…thoughts?

Fascinating article by Greg Bedard about the Patriots not asking a lot of their rookies in the BB era:

  •  “Patriots draft picks, even if they're taken in the first round, are not relied upon to start a season unless it's complete desperation at their position. This is very much by design. "Good teams can take players in Round 1 and develop them. The bad teams have to rely on them," said a team source.

The looming CBA…might be time to discuss in general.

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