• Quick recap of our own busy schedules (Just to let everyone know why the long delay?)
  • It is the offseason, so it shouldnʼt be that big a deal - but nonetheless…
  • Aaron Rodgers/Matt Lefleur issue with audibles - much ado about nothing or something to worry about(?) https://www.packersnews.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2019/06/18/audible-rumblings-over-aaron-rodgers-take-mattlafleurs-offense/1461029001/
  • Lefleur apparently really wants to run the ball, which is fine, but…
    • Will Aaron Rodgers allow that to happen?
    • Can Aaron Jones stay healthy as an every down back?
  • Brett Favre got his instagram hacked - apparently he teased that he was coming back to the NFL…
  • Brett Favre / Aaron Rodgers appear to be besties now - they played a golf tournament together and were seen chumming and laughing it up…my how things have changed.
  • Overview of proposed APP sponsorship tiers
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