X’s & O’s

  • Packers get the win - with defense!

  • Kyle Murphy started at right tackle in place of Brian Bulaga - he held his own for the most part

  • First half was a snooze fest - Aaron Rodgers and co. get shut out in the 1st half

    • Very bland offensive scheme with long developing WR routes, does not work against a front 7 like the Seahawks as you have to get the ball out quick!

    • Rodgers got 7 points (TD to nelson) off a free play (12 men on the field) - it is amazing how many times he makes teams pay for that mistake...you would think that opposing teams would learn by now!

  • Mike McCarthy egregious error - calling timeout instead of simply running out the clock, directly resulted in 3 points for Seattle

  • Mike Daniels was the best player on the field that day, both teams included

  • Packer fans were cheering loudly and doing the wave while the OFFENSE was on the field - that was dumb (you do that to the opposing team, not the home team ????)

Outside of Football stuff:

  • Quick look at Titletown District
  • Underwhelming Uber

Business/League stuff:

  • Patriots got shellacked at home in the NFL kick off game - did not see that coming

  • Ezekiell Elliott got an injunction on his suspension, so the packers will no doubt face him when they play dallas.  The league looked really bad (again) with how they handled the suspension.

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