APP #49
  •   Ted Thompson revealed that he is suffering from autonomic disorder
  •   Josh Jones request for a trade
  •   Kevin King finally healthy and practicing at first OTA practice
  •   Are the packers angling to host an upcoming NFL draft in 2022, 2024 or
      after that.
  •   Packers third pre-season game will be in…Winnepeg?
  •   Aaron Rodgers cameo as an extra in Game of Thrones
  •   David Bakhtiari pounding beers at bucks games went viral
          o Speaking of the Bucks, they went out with a huge dud in the
             ECF…Wisconsin sports are gut wrenching.
  •   Bart Starr passed away at age 85 – open discussion along with a review of
      his career during the Lombardi era
          o Apparently Bart Starr was hazed like crazy when he was at University
             of Alabama

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Absolute Packer Podcast with Andy Hetzel, Jeremy Hautala and Elliot Christenson