GB 44 NY Jets 38 ot

GB 0 Detroit 31

  1. Recap of first road win at NY Jets and season ending loss at Lambeau to Detroit. Packers finished with a record of 6-9-1
  2. Special teams was a disaster last two games - fake punt against Jets and fake FG for TD against Lions. How NO ONE saw a Lion split out wide? Ron Zook was on sidelines with his arms crossed (literally)
  3. Aaron Rodgers suffered concussion against Lions. Why did he play? Who bears responsibility for his injury?
  4. Offense totaled 175 yards, 9 1st downs and averaged 3.1 yds per play against Lions. Totaled over 500 against Jets
  5. Did this team underachieve this year?
  6. Marcedes Lewis revealed on Mostly Football show that Rodgers changed plays, didn’t like what MM called. He would individually tell guys what to run. Sandlot football. mike-mccarthy-green-bay-season-031440680.html
  7. What did we see in last two games that gave us hope? Negative vibes?
  8. Coaching update; McDaniels would appear to be favorite. LaFleur, Caldwell, Pagano, Flores, Campbell, Munchak, Carmichael and Philbin have interviewed or scheduled.
  9. 30 seconds - what ideal qualities should the Packers look for in next coach?
  10. Overview of offseason podcasts
  11. Fans need to call VM 508-535-5468 or email ​[email protected]​.
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Absolute Packer Podcast with Andy Hetzel, Jeremy Hautala and Elliot Christenson