1. A recap after Packers 34–20 win at Lambeau against Atlanta.
  2. Rodgers made typical Rodgers-esqe passes today to Cobb and Adams.
  3. Emotion and effort was 100% better today.
  4. Packers showed support for Rodgers when he scrambled and was hit by defender. A fight ensued.
  5. Philbin had this team ready today. Is he a viable candidate for coach in future?
  6. Who will decide next Packers coach? Is it all Murphy?
  7. Playoffs are still a possibility. 6% chance.
  8. Next week against Chicago do Packers have a chance? Predictions for rest of season?
  9. Poor Frank Hermans at the national anthem today! We all make mistakes. Let’s hope he gets another chance!
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Absolute Packer Podcast with Andy Hetzel, Jeremy Hautala and Elliot Christenson