1. A game recap from yesterday’s historic 20–17 loss at home to Arizona.
  2. Arizona came into the game with the worst offense in most categories, yet moved the ball well in the second half.
  3. The event after the game, Mike McCarthy was fired! Shocked Packer Nation!
  4. Did the loss necessitate the move by Murphy or was it just the final straw?
  5. Was McCarthy a highly successful coach during his 13 year tenure. What positives happened? What was not so positive ?
  6. Joe Philbin named interim coach for the last 4 games. Will he make a difference? Is he a viable candidate for the position?
  7. Murphy stated in today’s press conference that he and Gute will work together to hire the 15th coach. Should it work like that, or should Gute have full authority?
  8. What kind of coach is desirable? What traits should a coach have to excel here? Any candidates you would like to see hired?
  9. The offseason looks to be riddled with as much doubt in over a decade. Do you feel good about the Packers chances to turn this around quickly and compete for Super Bowl next year?
  10. How much of a challenge will the next coach have with Rodgers? Should Rodgers be involved in the process?
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Absolute Packer Podcast with Andy Hetzel, Jeremy Hautala and Elliot Christenson