Jeremy's Notes:

  1. A recap of the 24-17 loss to Minnesota, now putting the Packers on playoff brink @ 4-6-1. 5 NFC losses and will lose playoff tiebreakers to Washington, Minnesota, Seattle who are all in wildcard contention.
  2. Aaron Jones was involved in offense with 17 carries for 72 yards and 1 rushing TD. He added 3 catches for 21 yards. Was it enough or should he see more?
  3. Rodgers had a pedestrian game, missing Adams on multiple “go” routes he beat Xavier Rhodes on. 17-28 for 198 yards. Sacked 4 times.
  4. Packers did not adjust well to Minnesota’s adjustments in second half. Minnesota blitzed less and got consistent pressure rushing 4. No one could step up while Adams was hounded with multiple defenders. Spriggs did not step up while filling in for Bahktiari.
  5. Defense hit the brink of competitive balance with injuries.
  6. Tramon Williams mishandled punt was a disaster, but the failed 4th down try by the Pack turned the game around and put Packers middling offense out of contention.
  7. Positives? The future looks bright. A new coaching staff will be in place for 2019, flush salary cap room and 10 draft picks upcoming.
  8. The team is developing a solid base of veterans with Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, Kenny Clark, Blake Martinez and Corey Linsley (to name a few). They need to be leaders. Two first round drafts picks in lower and upper half of round. Young talent with MVS, Alexander, Jackson, St. Brown looking good and progressing.
  9. Upcoming game at Lambeau against 2-9 Arizona. What does Arizona do well? What will be the outcome?
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