Special Guest Jay Herde!

  1. A 24-23 victory against the Bears last night.
    • Game recap - a tale of two halves.
    • Rodgers knee injury did not look good. As long as he plays will it restrict the playbook?
  2. Is there a cause for concern on the OL - specifically starters Justin McCray and Bryan Bulaga?
    • Justin McCray was absolutely dominated in all facets. Two holding penalties (one negated Montgomery’s 35 yard rec) in first two series. He looked responsible for not picking up Bear lineman that sacked and injured Rodgers.
    • Bryan Bulaga had issues in the first half blocking Mack. Was it rust from lack of preseason snaps?
    • Why does McCarthy refuse to provide help to struggling OL?
    • Why did it take an injury to Rodgers before MM changed play calls to maximize protection and emphasize quick throws?
  3. Did the defense provide any hope they can be a top 10 defense this year?
    • Nagy’s misdirection and exotic play calls gave defense fits in first two series - gave up 139 total yards, 8 first downs, 3-4 on 3rd down, 10 points, 7.7 yards per play.
    • Second half adjustments seemed to slow down the Bears, or did they take their foot off the pedal?
  4. Defense did not create much pressure on Trubisky. Is that a cause for concern?
    • Where is Clay Matthews? Can we expect double digit sacks from him?
  5. Upcoming division game against Minnesota
    • Keys to beating Minnesota?
    • Keys to keeping an aggressive defensive front from getting to Rodgers?
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