APP podcast #25  - “I Can’t Help You With That...”

  1. First round of OTAs and Mini Camps recap:

    1. Andy went to 2nd OTA practice for just a little bit - not much to report except that Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis look like real tight ends compared to Richard Rogers and the other stiffs they’ve had since Jermichael Finley

    2. The 3 rookie WRs definitely have size - this will be the tallest WR corp that Rodgers has ever had

    3. Let’s be honest - everyone is just running around in shorts playing patty’s silly and damn near useless in today’s modern NFL

    4. Other odds and ends:

      1. Mike Pettine is a bit more fiery and demonstrative than Dom Capers - that is a welcome change

      2. HHCD was absent from the initial OTAs due to a death in the family from what we know.  On his return he said he was not holding out for any sort of new contract but then he said that with literally a wink and nod. ?

      3. Winston Moss really shouldn’t do press conferences anymore.  Honestly the fact that he has survived as an assistant into a 3rd DC is very odd.

  2. Non-Football Stuff

    1. Brian Gutekunst was surprised he didn’t get the ability to hire & fire a head coach. Whatever that means…

    2. The new national anthem kneeling discussion

      1. Andy’s APP blog link

  3. Aaron Rodgers Contract:

    1. Rumors continue to swirl that Aaron Rodgers wants opt-out clauses in his next contract that would essentially allow him to go on 1-year deals with the ability to quickly resign for more money each time.

  4. Other NFC North Stuff:

    1. Detroit Lions - New head coach Matt Patricia has had an interesting couple of weeks:

      1. First THIS

      2. Now THIS


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