Episode 18 of APP

(Recap of Packers vs. Vikings)


  • X’s & O’s

    • This was a really cold game - 9 degrees was the game time temp I think.  Hundley had yet to play in an actual “cold weather” game as a starter.

    • The cold weather and field conditions definitely helped slow down the vikings and helped out the packer defense.

      • The Packer offense seemed to be slipping and sliding all over the place for some reason though…

    • Hundley simply cannot complete a pass longer than 15 yards - it’s just terrible. I counted a half dozen long passes that were at least 5 yards off the mark to their intended receiver.  Awful.

    • Hundley was so bad that he broke NFL records for futility at home.

    • The Vikings are basically the antithesis of the Packers in terms of roster construction:

      • Great defense

      • 2nd/3rd String QB who can actually play football competently

      • A good mix of young players, veterans and free agents

    • Trevor Davis is an enigma - he continues to fair catch punts inside the 5 yard line for some stupid reason and then he doesn’t even attempt to put a hand up to catch what appeared to be a really well thrown ball.

    • Poor Jordy Nelson - he’s lost a step and it’s painfully obvious that he is/was a product of Aaron Rodgers in some capacity.

    • The Vikings look like a paper champion - Keenum isn’t that good and that team is built for a dome, not outdoor cold weather.

  • Outside of Football stuff:

    • More @JSComments!

      • “The Packers front office (and I mean EVERYONE) has become fat, dumb, and lazy. It's time to give all of 1265 Lombardi Avenue an enima and start over from scracth.”

      • “The tube hill is cool and looked fun. I would like to see it bigger but its just a start.”

  • Business/League stuff:

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