Episode 17 of APP

(Recap of Packers vs. Panthers)


  • X’s & O’s

    • There seemed to be an air of confidence about the team to start the game, even though Rodgers couldn't get a first down.

    • Rodger’s arm looked pretty good to start the game - seemed to have some zip on it, but his timing was off just a bit as he threw behind both Jordy and Cobb on what would normally be easy throws for him

    • It was an absolute crime that Aaron Jones only carried the ball 3 times the entire game - McCarthy and Rodgers will never commit to run the ball even when it’s staring them both right in the face.

    • All 3 interceptions were poor throws from Rodgers - all 3 were underthrown (something he never does).  The pick that was meant for Cobb should have been a TD if he threw it high enough over the LB.

    • Davante Adams suffered his 3rd concussion in 14 months on that bush league hit by Thomas Davis.  2 concussions on illegal hits for Adams sucks, but it might affect his contract as he is proving to be concussion prone(!)

    • This was the 1st 3 INT game in 8 years for Rodgers - that is an incredible stat and a testament to his greatness.  In fairness the Panthers have a good defense - top 5 in the league I believe.

    • This might have been the poorest collective defensive effort of the year - a no name WR caught 2 TDs and old man Greg Olson caught a WIDE OPEN TD on a blown coverage by Josh Jones

    • Dom Capers is a dead man walking...he might get fired the day after the last regular season game.

    • This team also lacks talent everywhere - it’s pretty depressing actually and that’s on Ted.

  • Outside of Football stuff:

    • The titletown district sledding hill opened!

    • More @JSComments!

      • “Our highest paid, best player on the team sits just because the team isn't doing well? Is this the new precedent?”

      • “Why is this superstar wasting his career in Green Bay ? Amazing ignorance on his part.”

      • “This idea of a ‘ community owned team’ isn’t such a good thing after all. Sell the Team. Buyer’s would be lining up”

  • Business/League stuff:

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