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(Recap of Packers vs. Browns)


  • X’s & O’s

    • Not going to lie - I was scared to death during this game for the first +3 quarters.  The Packers at one point were down 14 points - to the f***ing browns. ?

    • Jamal Williams continued to impress - he looks to be the #1 RB right now, ahead of Aaron Jones.  It’s great to see him take this opportunity and go with it.

    • The pass rush on the packers is absolutely horrid - it didn’t help that Nick Perry wasn’t playing due to injury but it hasn’t been any good all year even when he is healthy.

    • The secondary is pretty bad too, but they are getting very injured.  Davon House suffered some sort of odd back injury that will keep him out at least one week (against Carolina) possibly two weeks.

      • As a follow-up, this defense should NEVER play zone coverage - they get annihilated every time they move to it because guys on the back end don’t seem to know what they are doing(!)

    • Davante Adams is making himself some money in a contract year - if the packers let him test free agency he is going to get huge money.  They need to get a deal done now, regardless of how the season plays out.  He is one of the few players that continues to perform WITHOUT Aaron Rodgers.

    • Aaron Rodgers DESPERATELY wants to play, which is obviously great to see. He was being about as demonstrative as I’ve ever seen on the sidelines late in the game.

    • I have to give Brett Hundley credit - he is clutch at the end of games, when it matters most.  That is definitely a good trait to see.

  • Outside of Football stuff:

    • More @JSComments!

      • “Throw Hundley under the bus ? Its going to look funny, but pull #12 wih the least bit of faultering, don`t wait to .long. Throw a game plan curve at them they never expected.”

      • “Unless Rodgers can play CB it probably doesn't matter.”

      • “Just hope Rodgers isn't accused of any sexual harrassment. Right or wrong, it's the Kiss of Death.”

  • Business/League stuff:

    • APP Poll: Should Rodgers be shut down for the rest of the year if they lose to the Panthers?

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Elliot’s Gametime notes


Very empty stadium in Cleveland


Cobb targeted finally?!

Whitehead Faked punt and deep tackle on kickoff

Williams pounds it through and receiving TD!

First drive fail?

Go for it on 4th. Go big or go home.


7 TD's for the season - best in NFL


Announcers Pointed out also the worst opening defense!


Defense gave up big pass from Kizer

Kizer also ran himself on 3rd

Moved right down the field. Nice throw and great catch by Josh Gordon - also #12


Hundley sack. TOTAL breakdown on offense.


3 and out.

3 and out.



Browns take the lead. Shut down the Packers on both sides of the ball.


Packers intercept - then take a KNEE?!?!?!?!?


2nd lead of the half ALL YEAR!?



Jordy finally gets a pass. At least breaks the 3D shutout

Williams gets 12y immediately afterward


Go for it on 4th - which is great! Why don't we do that more with the best QB in the league?!


Weird challenge call on Cobb's catch.

Hundley and Adams finally started to get no huddle rhythm going




Tough call on punt

Good call on challenge

Great return from Davis and special teams (no penalty)

Strange time management


TD. Denied. TD.




Josh jones interception


Adams run off TD

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