Episode 15 of APP

(Recap of Packers vs. Bucs)


  • X’s & O’s

    • A really rough game for Hundley at home - again. ????  He only passed ofr 87 yards, against the 32nd ranked secondary in the league(!)

    • Jamal Williams looked very good as the starting running back - he always falls forward for positive yardage and in general just runs hard.

      • Ty Montgomery shouldn't even be on this team right now - he offers almost no value.

    • The bucs had at least 20 more offensive plays vs. the packers offense.  The TOP was very skewed in the Bucs favor which usually would point to a loss for the lesser TOP team.

    • Jordy Nelson is “losing a step” in real-time in front of our very eyes and it’s patently obvious that Rodgers made him look a bit better than he really is.

    • Cobb didn't have a pass thrown his way the entire game - he has been very disappointing.

  • Outside of Football stuff:

    • Lance Kendricks will be charged with some type of possession of marijuana after all.  The dash cam footage wasn't pretty, it basically looked like the police were going to let him go.  It tooks almost 3 months to bring formal charges.

    • More @JSComments!

      • “Kendricks stopped for speeding and drugging but never for running with a football in his hand down the sidelines for a TD”

      • “Ted Thompson is the biggest horse's ass in football”

      • “So. Is there any possibility that Hundley can play another position, maybe tight end or somewhere on defense? Looks like he has the physical talent just wondering because the Packers won’t get much from him.”


  • Business/League stuff:

    • All the hoopla about Roger Goodell and his pending contract was nothing - he just signed a 5 year extension that might be worth $200MM

    • John Dorsey was hired by the Browns as their new GM so that ship sailed in terms of him as a new Packers GM.

    • APP Poll: if the Packers lose to the Browns should “everybody” be fired?

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