Episode 14 of APP

(Recap of Packers vs. Steelers)


  • X’s & O’s

    • This was an outstanding game from start to finish - I would venture to say it was one of the most entertaining prime time games of the year.

    • Brett Hundley looked much better - more confident, stepping up in the pocket and not bailing all over the place.

    • Even though Hundley threw 3 long touchdown passes his remaining stats were still pretty pedestrian.


      “It's Jay. I wondered if you guys had a number for some kind of sad. What was it turnovers points scored upfront over it by the Packers under a huntley. It seems like they don't they don't score points offer turnovers on a short field that's my question it would probably be NIL to only a few points scored as as I recall. Thanks.”


    • The packers FINALLY completed a screen pass to a running back - and it resulted in one of the 3 TDs for Hundley.  The packers have never been a good screen team under McCarthy, even with Aaron Rodgers under center.

    • The Packers defense forced 3 turnovers while the offense committed zero - that stat normally means a blow out happened but this team is just not that good right now so it went the other way.

      • The Packers defense missed 19 TACKLES. 19.

      • There was absolutely zero pass rush or impact from Nick Perry - very disappointing. Both Kenny Clark and Clay Matthews were out for this game, which didn’t help much.

    • Antonio Brown is inhuman - it’s stunning how good of a WR he is.  He was the best player on the field - regardless of the team.

    • Le’veon Bell is also inhuman - he was the 2nd best player on the field - regardless of the team.

  • Outside of Football stuff:

    • Lance Kendricks was popped for Marijuana - this free agent draft class is a humongous bust right now with both tight end acquisitions ending up as complete failures and non-factors.

    • More @JSComments!

      • “Rodgers is coming back next week. Packers will go 10-6 and make the playoffs for sure. Idiot writers need to learn the game of football.”

      • Fatty McButter Pants was outcoached again

      • I am 61 and have been consuming cannabis off and on for over 43 years.

  • Business/League stuff:

    • There is a disaster brewing with the New York Giants...Eli Manning was benched for GENO SMITH!  Ben McAdoo, a McCarthy disciple, is a dead man walking.

    • 50-TK-ELLIOT (508-535-5468)

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