Episode 13 of APP

(Recap of Ravens vs. Packers)


  • X’s & O’s

    • This was the nadir of the season thus far - just a brutal game from the 1st Hundley interception and there forward

    • The first offensive drive look very promising, then the horrible interception

    • A Positive: Davante Adams appears to be the only player on offense who is playing well with Rodgers or Hundley

    • Kenny Clark injured later in the game, he has been playing very very well so that stinks

    • Mike Daniels pissed himself and got caught on camera

    • Spriggs the human turnstile played RT in relief of Justin McCray’s injury and played horrible - he doesn’t look long for the league, let alone the packers

    • Future of the Packers and the Division

    • Wildcat, 4th down - passive aggressive?

    • Mays

  • Outside of Football stuff:

    • LeRoy Butler nominated for HOF

    • Aaron Jones MJ

    • More @JSComments!

      • “McCarthy was cited for Offensijuana.”

      • “Do not let Hundley walk when his contract is up: DO NOT EXTEND RODGERS' CONTRACT.”

      • “Cut Hundley and give him a pack of gum on the way out”

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