Truth - There Is No Downside To Positional Depth

Hello Packer Nation!

The 2018 off season started off with a bang for the Packers, uncharacteristic of years past but well overdue. Changes started at the top and worked down into the coaching staff. Ted Thompson was relieved of his GM duties. Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith took a "red eye" to Cleveland. Dom Capers received his long awaited walking papers. Edgar Bennett, Darren Perry, Mike Trgovac and Alex Van Pelt were told their services were no longer needed. 

Morning After Analysis - Rounds 2-3

Happy Saturday Packer Nation!

Wow...this draft feel like replays of 1999, 2004 and 2015 doesn’t it? Those drafts netted at least two CB’s with their first picks in the draft. 1999 draft class brought Antuan Edwards, Fred Vinson and Mike McKenzie with the first three picks.

I have said all along the Packers issues on defense are all over the field. The most glaring weakness obviously lacking quality cover corners to shade today’s pass happy pass catchers. We just shored up that deficiency on days 1-2.

The Ghost of Ted Or Güte Gonna Güt?

So day 1 & 2 of the 2018 NFL draft has yielded some interesting happenings with regards to the Packers and the newly-christened regime of GM Brian Gutekunst. (By the way: it's pronounced GOOT-I-KUNST, not gutENkoost or whatever lol).  The chaos of Güte trading down in round 1 only to trade back up to 18 seemed a bit much as they had to give up a 3rd round pick, but they netted out with a 2019 1st round pick from the Saints so that was a great get.

Morning After Analysis From First Round

Good Morning Packer Nation!

Did I not say the first round would be interesting? It lived up to the billing - no doubt! I think many expected a trade up but Ward, Chubb and R. Smith were all taken before pick #8. The Packers were unwilling to give away high valued picks to get up that far.

The trade down from #14 to #27 was a shocker. They obviously had Jaire Alexander high on their board and maximized the opportunity to draft him and recoup a couple picks. It was a shrewd move. 

Final draft thoughts...calling all playmakers!

With the draft already upon us tonight, things are shaping up to be an interesting night for the Packers. Sitting at #14, the odds are slim they can draft a “playmaker” this team sorely needs on defense. The defense is thirsty for guys in the mold of Nick Collins or Charles Woodson, or maybe a Ray Nitschke. 

What does that mean? The playmakers on defense in this draft have been established by teams and experts:

* Derwin James - Safety

* Denzel Ward - CB

* Roquan Smith - ILB

* Tremaine Edmunds - LB

* Bradley Chubb - DE

2018 Packer Pre Draft Roster Analysis - Offense

There are some nasty rumors that the offense has plateaued. Let me reassure you that should not be the case. Aaron will be back to lead the offense and he will have a full compliment of weapons...and a running game to boot. They do have to rectify some positional depth issues. The offensive line could be an issue and could present a challenge for Rodgers to stay healthy all 16 games. Otherwise, they should be fine as long as they have no major injuries to their starters.

2018 Packer Pre Draft Roster Analysis - Defense and Specialists

The defense...did we have one in years past? This side of the ball needs MAJOR attention. First, they do not have proven starting caliber players at cornerback and lack a substantial pass rush to put fear in opposing offenses. That is a recipe for disaster with todays pass happy game transformation. They are sorely lacking difference makers at linebacker. A new coaching staff lead by new Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine will be put to task with developing a good defense quickly.