Well, we are on the eve of the opening game of the 2020 Packer season, and, well, what is there to talk about?  The simple answer is how much time you got?  With the way 2020 is going, it's entirely possible our beloved Packers team could be swallowed whole by the mythological Kraken at halftime as U.S. Bank Stadium is engulfed in a once in a millennia tsunami that emanates from Lake Superior.

All kidding aside - The Kraken is no joke. I mean Aaron Rodgers would have to find Medusa in the 2nd quarter and then find a way to point her decapitated ugly mug at the beast in question just to save us. Hell, he would have to do all of this while socially distancing himself..

Ok, ok...So that won't happen. However, if I told you in February of this year that the following would happen you have laughed me off this website:

  • A pandemic strikes, a nationwide quarantine ensues
  • Wearing masks become as commonplace as the Bears sucking at football
  • The NFL draft is held VIRTUALLY
  • There is an EXTREMELY abbreviated training camp with NO Preason games to speak of

Yet here we are in mid September and the Packers are playing the Minnesota Vikings for the opening game - on schedule!  I don't know if that's a credit to the NFL or them just desperately trying to get back to normal or what, but at this point I'll take whatever I can get. Never before in my life could I use the "distraction" of Packers football.

I'm going to be blunt about this - I have ZERO idea of how this 2020 Packers Team is going to perform this year - none.  I followed the draft and was as perplexed as everyone else at the first 3 draft picks.  For all intents and purposes, GM Brian Gutekunst drafted a 3rd string QB in the first round, a 3rd string RB in the second round and a 3rd string TE/H-Back in the 3rd round. I mean WTF...

The Packers also didn't do much of anything to bolster a run defense that basically doesn't know how to stop a football player who runs the ball at them.  It seems like they gave up 500 yards in the NFCCG against the 49ers...but they were like, nah - we're good. Alrighty then(?)

In my mind this Packers team has two things going for it that will serve it well this season:

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Continuity

The Packers have Aaron Rodgers - he's still good, not great but very good.  The man does NOT turn the ball over. They also return almost all preferred starters from last year and they go into this season with the same HC/DC, schemes, etc. Do they have alot of new faces on this team?

The answer: Does the Pope wear a funny hat? YES, this team has quietly been turned over during the past 3 seasons leading up to this point. I'm not just talking about players too. They even turned over the head coach, who is now at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys.

I am hoping for a competitive, entertaining team this year.  Let's hope we see this tomorrow and for the remainder of what might be the most insane NFL season in history.