Hello Packer Fans,

We are less than a month away from 2020 training camp, and the "Cardiac Pack" will hopefully come back proving doubters wrong, including myself. What has happened in Titletown since their season ending loss in San Francisco?

They drafted for 2021. Sorry, I do not declare being a comedian. :)

The COVID-19 pandemic has troubled the country and put the NFL season in serious jeopardy. It has angered fans and they have voiced their opinions. I won't name fans but will go through some responses regarding possible season changes that could include less fans (social distancing), less beer and fans wearing face masks.

1. "Forget Title Town. I am DONE with the Green Bay Packers, PERIOD!"

2. "If the team forces fans to wear face masks at games, we will meet up outside Lambeau and throw masks into a blazing flame and riot. I AM DONE!"

3. "Face masks will surely hurt alcohol sales. If I cannot drink a Miller while watching the Pack, what is the point?"

4. "I'll sacrifice my body for someone's tickets at no charge."

5. "Will the Packers 5k happen this year?"

6. "One more reason not to watch again. Good job doing nothing. Bye bye."

7. "Virtual signaling is so HOT right now."

8. "Forget all the rona drama. Matt LaFleur is so fricking gorgeous!"

9. "We need to do it on the field, not virtually."

10. "Kinda like their run defense against the 49ers." (Regarding OTA's conducted virtually)

11. 'Looks like they are preparing for a virtual championship! Whoo hoo!" (Same as above)

12. "How about fighting for some offensive weapons!" 

13. "How about the Packers worry about beating the 49ers!"

14. "Start Love at QB."

15. "What do you call 53 millionaires around a TV watching the Super Bowl? The Green Bay Packers."

Man, lets hope there is an NFL season.

Go Pack Go!