Hello Packer Nation,

I am currently on the road watching my daughter dance and will follow up with a preview of the Packers picks in rounds 4-7. I wanted to address the elephant in the room with fans - Why didn’t the Packers draft a WR?

Let’s start of with who they have. Davante Adams is WR1. Geronimo Allison, thus far, is WR2. Marquez Valdez-Scantling is WR3. Equanimeous St. Brown is WR4. WR5 is J’Mon Moore, Packers 4th round pick in 2018, is going to be given every chance to show his worth and last year was an aberration, rehashing the Davante Adams narrative a few years ago. Fans seem to have forgotten that Adams had the “dropsies” early in his career.  Moore and Adams are similarly skilled. Most players take time to grow and develop confidence in an arrogant game. I see a similar path for Moore and will eat crow if he doesn’t. 

Right there, you have five WR’s the Packers have high hopes for, and for good reason. With the exception of Moore, MVS and St. Brown had good rookie years and should only get better. Depending on LaFleur’s roster decisions, it would be fair to guess that five WR’s will make this team, and a 6th could be a long shot as we stand today and a luxury. If they keep a 6th WR, he will be a special teams player of great value. Is that Trevor Davis? Jake Kumerow? 

We have to remember the Packers had a poor 2018 season because overall team talent was below average in important areas. Offensive line on right side was a mess. Defensive line is grossly overrated by the media and when stars Clark and Daniels went down their lack of depth was exposed. OLB was a bust. Safety was a disaster. Tight end underperformed. Cornerback was ravaged by injuries.

Without improvement in these areas there isn’t much another WR was going to do to overcome any of that. The Packers 2019 draft class filled glaring holes that will likely improve this team. If the Packers chose a WR at 21, would a safety better than Savage been there at 44? If the Packers chose a WR at 44, would an OL better than Jenkins been there at 75? If the Packers chose a WR at 75 would a tight end better than Sternberger been there after that? Would a WR on day 3 been better than their current crop of WR’s? It is doubtful.

We can second guess these decisions after a few years but the Packers first two days of the draft fell perfectly into their laps. Management feels their WR room is good enough that they could concentrate on the rest of the team that fell apart due to poor drafts of the past. This was a wise draft strategy as much as fans don’t want to believe it. Good teams typically have balance all around and that is the model for success. This Packer team finally has roster balance and it should benefit them this year and beyond. The years of offense carrying this team and defense letting them down have come and gone.  

Go Pack Go!