Hello Packer Nation!

WOW, just wow. Who woulda thunk the offense would be as prolific? Well, thus far they are the best offense in the league. How are they accomplishing it?

1. Pre-snap motion and misdirection plays are keeping opposing defenses off balance. Defenses have to worry about the play action (the possible hand off to Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams and Tyler Ervin the jet sweep pro) before they can commit to receivers coming out of the backfield. Rodgers is really selling the play fake and by the time Rodgers looks downfield receivers are open. It is a thing of beauty!

2. The offense is using similar alignments on running and passing plays. It is tough to read what they are truly going to do. Will they pass? Will they run? The deception is spectacular.

3. Allen Lazard is really shining. He is executing his duties and is kicking a** downfield blocking. Lazard is making the most of his opportunities. If you want to look at an underrated team MVP through three games, look at Lazard!

4. The offense is balanced. They are mixing their run/pass ratio which is really helping keep defenses off guard.

5. Aaron Rodgers is definitely a different QB. His play is the best it has been since 2016. He looks composed and his ball touch is great. So far, Rodgers looks like an MVP candidate.

What is concerning so far?

1. The run defense is atrocious. It is truly the achilles heel of the team. It is just a matter of time before it decides a game in the loss column. As I have said dozens of times, if you are not stout in the trenches, you are going to have difficulties controlling the line of scrimmage. They can't do both. How Gute doesn't see an issue here is beyond comprehension. If they could shore up the DL and force teams into third and long situations, it plays directly into the defenses strength (pass rush). 

2. The defense relies on perfect scenarios. They need to force offenses into obvious passing situations to let the vaunted pass rush wreck havoc.

3. The defense thrives off turnovers. While this is great, you have to be able to stop opposing offenses from moving up and down the field. 

4. Even with all the injuries on the offensive line, they have only given up 3 sacks. Will it continue to hold up?

5. If Christian Kirksey has to miss any time, there are true concerns at the second level. It is a concern even with Kirksey healthy. The defense's inability to shore up their front seven is a highly questionable move by Gute. 


Let's take what we have been given. We are undefeated after three games and won against the NFC favorite in New Orleans. Those are positives.

Keep it up Pack! Go Pack Go!