Hello Packer Nation!

I am sure we have all followed (or at least heard about) the McCarthy/Rodgers drama. While the drama is all fine and dandy material for the National Enquirer, I have to question how much we want to rehash this topic. I will keep this short because, personally, that is all the time I feel is worth devoting to this topic.

First and foremost, Mike McCarthy served the Packers well in his 13 years, overall. My previous blog "McCarthy's Successful Tenure Comes to and End" details how successful he truly was. But, you had to be living in a closet not to realize his time was coming to an end. He was relieved of his duties for one main reason; the team failed to live up to expectations. You can debate what/if/when, but that doesn't matter anymore. Did he lose the team? Likely. Did McCarthy have a tumultuous relationship with Rodgers? I think there are always issues when you have two "Type A" personalities working together. Did McCarthy lose the team? There is a lot of proof he did. The one thing we have to remember going forward - McCarthy is no longer the coach. Put that drama to rest...move on, move forward.

Second, the scathing Bleacher Report article by Tyler Dunne detailing internal issues inside "1265" from previous teammates should not come as a surprise, although the same likely sources and unnamed sources are sour ex-players and coaches who refuse to move forward themselves (Looking at you Greg Jennings). There is likely truth behind some of the accusations, but also some exaggerations. If you have heard of the saying "when there's smoke there is fire" it likely holds true here. We will likely never know the full truth. Here is the link to the article. Read it for yourself. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2828649-what-happened-in-green-bay

We know Rodgers has an arrogance about him. His arrogance comes from being supremely confident in himself and his abilities. There has not been a player in my lifetime who has the skill set and the unique mind to dominate the game. Did it rub off on players the wrong way? For some it did, for others they respect the hell out of him. Did he change plays at the line? Yes he did. McCarthy gave him full authority. Did Rodgers hold a lasting grudge when the 49ers and McCarthy chose Alex Smith over himself in the 2005 draft? I think Rodgers used it as motivation, but to say he held that drudge against McCarthy over the years is absurd. Did Rodgers purposely tank the 2018 season? With news that Rodgers played 16 games on a fractured tibial plateau and sprained MCL in his knee during the 2018 season, that should put that question to rest. Players like JJ Watt and Kobe Bryant missed their respective seasons with similar injuries. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001025764/article/aaron-rodgers-details-tibial-fracture-concussion-in-18

Is Rodgers a cancer? Maybe, maybe not. Rodgers gave up a lot for the team over the years so they could build around him. He did not ask for his contract extension in 2013. He NEVER held out for new contracts. Rodgers abided by his contract terms thus far. He was not selfish in his contract demands until 2018...when the team was down and out. Ted Thompson failed to build a juggernaut after their 2010 Super Bowl win (albeit they were competitive) and only played in two NFC Championships and NO Super Bowls since. Rodgers is the ultimate competitor. Competitors want to win and winners want to compete. Our playoff failures after 2010 are history now. Move on, move forward.

We have a new coach and coaching staff that will hopefully invigorate this team starting in 2019. We need to be excited to see LaFleur's new offensive approach as well as the emphasis to build a defense that won't fold in big games. We have much to look forward to, so why are we dwelling on the past drama that has nothing to do with the new team? Rodgers seems invigorated by the changes as well as other current players. Why does any of this matter?

Move on, move forward fans!

Go Pack Go!