Hello Packer Nation!

If you are like me, you are ecstatic the Packers will be heading to the playoffs and at minimum, will win 12 regular-season games (make it 13 victories if we win in Detroit this weekend). The Pack clinched the NFC North Division after their dominating 23-10 victory in Minnesota on the last Monday Night game of the season. My team prediction before the season was 9-7 so they have exceeded my expectations. I am happy they are back in the Super Bowl race after a tumultuous past two seasons. The season has one last game in Detroit and it has tremendous implications regarding Packer's final playoff seeding.

Let's go through the possible scenarios;

1. If GB wins in Detroit, they have locked up a #2 seed in the NFC playoffs, at minimum. That means GB earns a bye thru Wild Card round and get a home game in the Divisional round against the highest-seeded Wild Card winner. 

2. If Seattle beats San Francisco on top of GB beating Detroit, the Packers will be rewarded with the #1 seed in the NFC Playoffs. This would mean the road to the Super Bowl goes through Green Bay in the NFC. GB will watch the Wild Card weekend at home and would face the lowest remaining seed in the Divisional Round and would host the NFC Championship if they win in the Divisional Round.

3. If San Francisco beats Seattle and GB beats Detroit, GB is locked in as a #2 seed no matter the outcome of the New Orleans/Carolina game. Playoffs would go through San Francisco and they are the #1 seed.

4. If the Packers lose in Detroit, SF or Seattle wins and New Orleans beats Carolina, the Packers will be the #3 seed. GB would play at home on Wild Card weekend and if they win would play on the road in the Divisional Round. They would not be assured of another home playoff game unless both the #1 & #2 seeds lose in the Divisional Round.

5. If the Packers lose in Detroit and New Orleans loses in Carolina, GB would be the #2 seed - no matter the outcome of the San Francisco/Seattle game.

6. If the Packers tie Detroit, both New Orleans and Seattle wins, GB earns #1 seed. If SF wins, GB would get the #2 seed.

7. In the improbable scenario that GB ties Detroit, SF ties Seattle and New Orleans ties Carolina, GB would get the #2 seed.

As you can see, GB's chances of earning a #1 seed aren't so far fetched. Earning the #2 seed has the highest probability. Right now, GB holds the most tie-breaking scenarios against Seattle and New Orleans because the Packers have a better NFC record with only two losses compared to Seattle and New Orleans 3 losses in NFC. Because the Packers lost in San Francisco, SF holds the tiebreaker in all scenarios if they beat Seattle.

My prediction in Detroit?

GB 27

Det 17

My prediction in Seattle?

Seattle 27

San Francisco 26

Playoffs go through Titletown as they should!


Go Pack Go!