Good Morning Packer Nation!

Did I not say the first round would be interesting? It lived up to the billing - no doubt! I think many expected a trade up but Ward, Chubb and R. Smith were all taken before pick #8. The Packers were unwilling to give away high valued picks to get up that far.

The trade down from #14 to #27 was a shocker. They obviously had Jaire Alexander high on their board and maximized the opportunity to draft him and recoup a couple picks. It was a shrewd move. 

The drawback is the 1st round pick they acquired from New Orleans will be in 2019. New Orleans is primed for a Super Bowl run in 2018 so the odds of that pick falling somewhere between 25-32 are good. This will not help a Packer team in 2018 who is desperate for playmakers on defense. 

What will Jaire Alexander be? We will see. The guy obviously has talent to be a top notch CB and can return punts. He fills a couple glaring holes. We should really reserve judgement on Jaire until he actually gets on the field. 

The issue that concerns me - after the first night - management still believes that Aaron Rodgers will carry this team no matter what he has around him. That is concerning. We have had that philosophy for years, ever since 2012, conservatively. What has that brought Titletown? An offense that can lead them but a defense that has let the team down year after year. The litmus test makes me believe Ted Thompson still has a lot of sway in draft decisions. 

We will see how this all shakes out. We had two playmakers there for the taking at #14 that would have filled obvious holes at linebacker with Tremaine Edmunds and free safety Derwin James, who will likely be a Pro Bowl caliber player. It was a good scenario and a scenario not many believed would fall into the Packers lap. You cannot pass up opportunities to draft playmakers such as James, especially when he fell right into the Packers lap.

The window of opportunity is slowly closing on this team to get to another Super Bowl. They have to act in the now - not tomorrow if they want to get over the proverbial “hump.” The NFC is loaded with offensive teams such as Philadelphia, Minnesota, LA Rams, New Orleans, Atlanta, Carolina and a few wild cards like NY Giants. Can we stop them?

We now have 12 picks remaining and lost our 3rd rounder this year. Tick tock! ⏳