Hey Packer Nation! In light of today’s events, most importantly the firing of head coach Mike McCarthy after the teams 20-17 loss at home to Arizona, we need to be thankful for the success McCarthy brought to Titletown during his 13 year career as head coach of the Packers. Let’s recap;

1. McCarthy’s regular season record was 125 wins, 77 losses and 2 ties. His 125 wins were second best in team history, behind Curly Lambeau’s 209 wins. McCarthy is 1 of 5 coaches in Packer history to have a winning record, joining Lambeau, Lombardi, Holmgren and Sherman. The Packers have had 14 coaches in team history.

2. His 13 years in Green Bay was the second longest tenure in Green Bay coaching history, only behind Curly Lambeau’s 29 years.

3. McCarthy’s playoff record was 10 wins, 8 losses. His 10 wins were the most in team history. He lead the Packers to 6 NFC North Division Championships. He also lead the Packers to 9 playoff berths, the most since the Lombardi days - 1959-1967. On top of that, he lead the team to 4 NFC Championships, the most of any Packer coach since the NFL started categorizing the NFC/AFC Conference Championship after the AFL/NFL merger in 1970.

4. McCarthy lead an injury riddled Packer team to a Super Bowl win in 2010 season (15 players were designated on injured reserve). He is one of three Packer coaches to win a Super Bowl in Green Bay history - joining Mike Holmgren and Vince Lombardi. Curly Lambeau won 6 NFL Championships but were not classified as Super Bowls back then. (He coached GB from 1921 to 1949)

5. McCarthy’s winning percentage was 62%, 4th best in team history behind Lombardi’s 75%, Holmgren’s 67% and Lambeau’s 66.8% win percentage. 

Titletown has experienced some lean years over it’s teams existence. McCarthy lead a playoff/championship caliber team into most seasons since becoming head coach in 2006. 

For comparison sake, from years 1968 to 1992, the team did not play in a Conference Championship game and made only 2 playoff appearances (1972 and 1982).

Let’s not lose perspective of that reality. For those who have been around since the Lombardi days or shortly after, we appreciate the success we have had but remember the dark days where Green Bay was not a destination or even relevant. The last two decades were highly successful under McCarthy’s leadership. I personally wish McCarthy all the best in his future endeavors. Most importantly, I thank McCarthy for truly being a “highly successful coach” during his time in Titletown. He brought many good memories we should all be thankful for, especially walking off the field in Dallas as Super Bowl XLV champions. Your name will likely go into the ring of honor in Lambeau. It will be well deserved. Much love, Mike!

Here is to new beginnings and new memories, Titletown! ??

Go Pack Go! ?