"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" -Robbert Oppenheimer

There is a running inside joke with the APP crew with Jordan Love…Andy glossed him "The Manhattan Project" after he was drafted because he is the nuclear option moving forward in a post Aaron Rodgers world. As crazy it is to think about at this moment, he is the future and he must be embraced.

Now, we all know we have a disgruntled yet extremely motivated Aaron Rodgers for at least one more season, and I shudder to think about what he can do to other teams this year with the gigantic chip that he's going to have on his shoulder. As we all know, Aaron Rodgers with a chip on his shoulder is always the best Aaron Rodgers. That guy remembers every single slight that he's ever had in his life…Hell, he probably holds some kind of weird existential grudge to his mother for being born lol.

All kidding aside, we did get a glimpse of Jordan Love this past week during packer family night and obviously that setting isn't even relative to a preseason game but it is the closest we've seen to "real action" from the Packers' first round pick in almost a year and a half. The funny thing is he reminded me a lot of what Aaron Rodgers looked like at this point in his career: tentative, missed some easy throws, but also showed a lot of athleticism and had at least one long pass that caught my eye.

Now Jordan loves family night wasn't very impressive, it gave me the opportunity to take some stock about where he's at in his short career versus where Aaron Rodgers was at in 2006-2007 timeframe. Look, let's be honest: Jordan Love's entire rookie season was a disaster because of Covid protocols which resulted in having no off-season to speak of. He was also the third string quarterback so he rarely got reps with the first stringers, and probably got none until just this past off-season when Aaron Rodgers was being his passive-aggressive self and holding out of off-season activities.

Aaron Rodgers had the ability to sit behind Brett Favre for three seasons and there was obvious benefit in doing that for his career and his progression. The funny thing that people forget about Brett Favre is that his fundamentals were terrible his whole career and he was never the most "cerebral" quarterback in terms of reading defenses, etc. In my opinion, Rodgers did very well in spite of those flaws that Favre had. Fast forward to Jordan Love, and he is sitting behind a quarterback in Aaron Rodgers who is not only more physically gifted than Brett Favre, he is also vastly more gifted than Brett Favre mentally and with decision making.

In short, Jordan Love is sitting behind perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time in terms of physical gifts and mental acuity…You really couldn't ask for a better situation for him in terms of development. Let's just hope that Jordan Love is paying close attention to everything that Rodgers does on the field.

Go Pack Go.