Ok, not sure how many of you Packer fans out there saw that absolute mess of an event that the NFL tried to pass off as a game, but if you happened to miss it here is what happened:

  • 2 hours before kickoff there were questions about the condition of the field
  • The Packers brass and NFL hemmed and hawed about whether to play the game, but in the end they did - on a shortened field to avoid a few areas in the end zones where some of the turf was coming up

The NFL goes out of its way to talk about player safety and thinks of themselves as progressives on the subject - but the actions from last night proved otherwise.  Aaron Rodgers and the starting offensive unit were suited up and were going to play a few series - ON THAT FIELD(!)  LeFleur smartly decided to hold out all starters when he got wind of the field conditions.

So the 1st stringers get to take the night off in the name of safety but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers were thrown out there to play on a field that the league and both teams felt was questionable at best, un-playable at worst. What kind of a message does this send about player safety?  It reeks of a ridiculous class system in the league at large and belittles those are trying desperately just to make the team - they know they aren't going to be starters.

The Packers suffered a few injuries throughout that charade of a game, a couple looked to be serious and might even be season-ending(!)  Now, football is football and there is always a chance of injury on every play even on a perfectly manicured field, but imagine if any of those injuries might have happened because of a poor playing surface?