With the draft already upon us tonight, things are shaping up to be an interesting night for the Packers. Sitting at #14, the odds are slim they can draft a “playmaker” this team sorely needs on defense. The defense is thirsty for guys in the mold of Nick Collins or Charles Woodson, or maybe a Ray Nitschke. 

What does that mean? The playmakers on defense in this draft have been established by teams and experts:

* Derwin James - Safety

* Denzel Ward - CB

* Roquan Smith - ILB

* Tremaine Edmunds - LB

* Bradley Chubb - DE

* Minkah Fitzpatrick - CB/Safety

Those “difference makers” or “playmakers” will most likely be gone if the Packers don’t trade up somewhere between picks 5 through 11, except for possibly Fitzpatrick. He could drop because he is a “jack of all trades master of none” player. Teams are concerned where he will excel at the pro level. He could drop out of the top 10 because of it. 

It would actually benefit the Packers if there would be a run on quarterbacks ahead of them. If Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Jackson are picked, you also have players like Barkley, Nelson and Vea who will all be picked in the top 12. The odds increase exponentially that one or more playmakers fall in that scenario.

The Packers need one of these special talents to transform this defense. The cost to trade up will be significant. In order to reverse the trend of below average production from our defensive unit they need to make bold moves to rectify the situation. If they don’t they will bank on the coaching staff by drafting the best available player and hoping they can “coach them up.” 

Happy drafting! ?