Hello Packer Nation,

Now that the Packers are in the playoffs, only one question remains - Does this 2019 team have what it takes to get to the Super Bowl in Miami? Well, if you listen to most of the NFL pundits the Packers are either the weakest playoff team in the NFC or the most overrated team to have a bye into the Divisional Round. Either way you look at it, many folks do not have confidence in this Packer team.

History suggests that either #1 or #2 seed make it to the Super Bowl the majority of the time. Roughly 75% of Super Bowl participants received First Round Byes. Roughly 70% of the home teams win the Divisional Round. The odds give the Packers as good of a chance as anyone.

Let's iron out some things regarding the 2019 Green Bay Packers. Their regular-season record was an impressive 13-3. That doesn't happen by mistake. They are worthy of being mentioned as a Super Bowl contender. They have found ways to win close games. While they are far from a perfect team, winning 13 out of 16 regular-season games in the NFL is an amazing accomplishment. The last time the Packers won 13 games was in 2007, and that team made it to the NFC Championship. They won 13 games in 1996 and 1997 and made it to the Super Bowl both years. They won 13 games in 1962 and won an NFL Championship. In the team's history, when they win 13 regular season games, they have had successful playoff runs and won two World Championships in the process.

Historically, #2 seeds have won eight Super Bowls since 1975. The last team from the AFC was the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers. The last team from NFC was the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It has been over a decade since the last #2 seed won. That trend has to end sooner or later, right?

This 2019 Packer team comes into the playoffs with very low expectations. There isn't a ton of pressure on them. That can be a dangerous weapon. They have a pretty good QB who has won big games. Their defense, albeit inconsistent, has the ability to create turnovers and get sacks in high-pressure situations. They ended the season as the 9th ranked defense in points given up. Their rush offense and overall defense really carried the team in the last month of the regular season. Their offense does not turn the ball over. In fact, they had a +12 turnover ratio which is third highest in the league. They have a pretty good punter and a kicker who made almost 92% of his field goals. Field position and points are paramount in the playoffs and the Packers have had success in both areas. Most importantly, they are one of the healthiest teams. 21 out of the 22 starting position players who started the season in Chicago will start in the Divisional Round.

The Packers DEFINITELY have the ingredients to run through the NFC. Don't be surprised if they find ways to win. It is the "little things" in football and the Packers have been good at the "little things." Miami, Florida could see Packer Nation invade southern Florida come February 2, 2020!

Go Pack Go!