Jeremy's 2021 Mock Draft

Hello Packer Nation,

We will be conducting our "mock draft" in Episode #90, but I wanted to get my predictions in writing. I feel pretty good about this one as it helps the Packers where they need help the most:

1. Defensive lineman who can collapse pocket and help overall pass rush

2. A viable starting CB (at minimum starting nickel corner)

3. A nose tackle that can desperately help run defense and allow Kenny Clark to maximize potential

4. Offensive tackle help to keep the pocket from the edge collapsing

How Do The Packers Get "Over the Hump" Positionally?

Hello Packer Nation,

I have finally recuperated from the NFC Championship loss to the Bucs. My analytical background always points me in the direction of ways to improve when something tough happens - what does this team need to do to win big games? I am a sucker for self torture, so I have gone back and watched a lot of tough Packer losses on my NFL Game Pass subscription. Here is what I have come up with to get the Packers "over the hump."