Kansas City Chiefs are 2019 Super Bowl Champs

Hello Packer Nation,

Super Bowl LIV was an up and down game that ended with Kansas City reeling off 21 unanswered points and over 200 yards of total offense in the second half against a worn-down SF defense. The Chiefs won their first Super Bowl Title in 50 years with a 31-20 victory in Miami. 

This game exposed holes in the San Francisco defense and offense that the Packers weren't capable of exploiting in their NFC Championship loss to SF:

Move On, Move Forward Part II

Hello Packer Nation,

Many fans are still steaming over the Packers lackluster performance in last week's NFC Championship game in San Francisco (technically Santa Clara). I think expectations were high among Packer fans, and rightfully so. This Packer team seemed destined to get to the Super Bowl. There are times when a team's road is meant to end, and for the Packers, it was meant to end in San Francisco.